Funeral Plans

We have after much research & deliberation found what we believe to be the fairest funeral plans on the market and are delighted to offer OPEN PREPAID PLANS here.
We are offering three levels of plan - to suit your needs and through OPEN PREPAID these plans can be purchased outright or the costs spread out over any period up to ten years.
All the details are on the downloadable form - you can access it here . If you want to calculate the monthly cost then please use this calculator with an APR of 4.9%.
All money paid in (after setup costs) will be invested via the OPEN PREPAID trust and will be available to pay towards the funeral - the sooner the full ammoun is paid then your costs will be met in full as per the terms of the policy.
If you decide to go ahead with a plan then please complete the form at post it to us! We will do the rest!

About Us

We are local independent funeral directors and undertakers and we think we know what's important in a funeral.
It isn't the flowers, fancy coffins or expensive hearse, but a thoughful & personal service designed just for your family.
We don't really like phrases like "budget funeral", "cheap funeral" or even "low price funeral" ,"inexpensive funeral" or "low cost funeral" - we offer phenomenal value for money for a truly beautiful funeral from an independent local undertaker

Where we Work

We are local independent undertakers and funeral directors offering low cost funerals and cremations in Swindon, Salisbury, Chippenham, Trowbridge, Warminster, Calne, Corsham, Wootton Bassett, Durrington-Bulford, Bradford-on-Avon, Amesbury, Marlborough, Tidworth, Lyneham, Malmesbury and all surrounding areas of Wiltshire and Somerset from Bath to Yeovil, Frome, Street, Wells, Shepton Mallet, and Glastonbury.
We don't want you to come to us just becase we are a low cost local funeral director but because we create a beautiful bespoke funeral service at a low cost.
This is not a budget funeral or an economy funeral but a beautiful bespoke inexpensive funeral from a local independent funeral director.

Funeral Directors

Not all funeral directors and undertakers are the same and certainly don't want to be like all the rest. Open, with fair pricing, we give the best possible service for the lowest cost. A cheap funeral can still be beautiful and meaningful. Low cost funeral doesn't mean that it will seem cheap. Please look at our gallery for examples of what we do in an inexpensive funeral.
Many people have never heard the phrase "that was the best funeral I have ever been to" or "That was amazing" or even thank you - if we dont't hear that every time then we haven't done our job properly.

Funeral Poverty

In September 2014, Quaker Social Action formed the Funeral Poverty Alliance, a network of not-for-profit organisations to campaign collectively against funeral poverty.
We strongly support this initiative and hope that it encourages others to offer fair open pricing and low cost funerals for local families


In Memory

In baby loss awareness week, we have beeen deeply moved by arranging the funeral for Baby George - the loss of a baby is intense and the pain visceral for all the family. We are only doing our small bit to ensure that George and his family are looked after as well as we can. more

beautiful affordable funerals

beautiful, affordable funerals created by us with you in mind.

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